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Valentine Gardens – Lake...

Root Director protects new hardscaped surfaces in Valentine Gardens estate

Root Director - Valentine Garden Project

Valentine Gardens is a residential estate located in the city of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales. Despite being a relatively new estate, its sidewalks were already developing trip hazards from tree roots lifting the slabs due to the secondary thickening effect of root development. Lake Macquarie City Council approached Citygreen wanting to trial different technologies for resolving this pavement uplift problem. The council opted for the Root Director solution and ordered 97 units of the RDC900 variant in 2015, then a further 43 units later that year to complete the project.

Root Director cutaway

Valentine Gardens Project

Kieran Bowd, of Lake Macquarie City Council, said, “The species of the trees originally planted in the estate was a poor choice and they had no root protection resulting in significant concrete uplift. With this project, we wanted to replace the existing damaged footpath and replant a more suitable species.

Trees planted using Root Director - Valentine Gardens Trees planted using Root Director - Valentine Gardens

“Citygreen’s Root Director system has allowed the new trees to prosper without damaging the footpath. Root Director is a quality root modification product which modifies the root morphology, directing the roots 400ml below the surface to avoid damage to the pavement above.”

Root Director - Valentine Garden Project