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Give Trees The Space To Grow Rapidly Without Impacting Local Infrastructure

Urban tree planting require an adequate supply of loose, well aerated, moist and uncompacted soil structure in order to thrive. This enables tree roots to obtain nutrients, oxygen and water – all essential for healthy tree growth.

When planting trees in urban areas, trees compete for space, with multiple risk factors – such as interference with underground etc etc etc – leading to increased maintenance and repair costs together with reduced tree health. Many of the landscape products currently available for trees are not sustainable, generate plastic waste, are ineffective, have high implementation costs and possess lower durability.

Strong, Sustainable Solutions – with Proven Results Worldwide

The harder the environment, the more difficult it is to achieve healthy tree growth –but with Citygreen’s advanced urban landscape solutions, deliver trees that flourish in any urban environment.

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Treepit Soil Vault Systems

Citygreen’s Stratavault™ System is the most sustainable highly engineered large soil cell designed to install easily under sidewalks and parking lots, enabling trees to accept, store and transmit water, nutrients and energy, while giving roots sufficient room to propagate.

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Tree Root Management

Tree roots can be guided to grow in certain directions to avoid disrupting surrounding infrastructure, with minimal impact on the tree. Citygreen’s root barrier products will encourage a deeper tree root system, gaining greater drought tolerance and improved stability.

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Tree Protection

Attractive and functional, street trees protection products have an important role to play in maintaining healthy tree pit conditions. Citygreen’s tree guards and tree grates/grilles represent the latest technology in tree surrounds, and are rated among the best globally.

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Irrigation & Aeriation

Tree roots will grow near the surface unless adequate water and air is available below ground. Citygreen’s Snorkil pipe irrigation and aeriation system enables long deep watering over the entire root system and the opportunity for the soil to dry between watering.

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Tree Guying

Citygreen offers a comprehensive range of tree ties and guying products for protecting new tree plantings. By securing the rootball underground, the system allows for a quick root development resulting in very low mortality rates for newly planted trees.

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What Are the Benefits of Urban Tree Planting?

Urban tree planting brings cleaner air, cooler temperatures, enhanced aesthetics, and improved mental well-being to communities, fostering a healthier and more vibrant urban environment.
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Which Tree Species Are Suitable for Urban Environments?

Choose hardy, adaptable and local tree species for urban areas, ensuring successful growth amidst city challenges. Reach out to your local nursery or government forestry department to get a list of approved trees suited for your area.

What Are the Challenges of Planting Trees in Cities?

Urban tree planting faces obstacles like limited space, soil quality, pollution, and competition for resources, requiring thoughtful planning and innovative solutions.

What Are the Best Practices for Successful Urban Tree Planting?

Prioritize proper site preparation, adequate watering, mulching, and ongoing maintenance to optimize urban tree growth and long-term health.

How to Care for Newly Planted Trees in Urban Areas?

Nurture newly planted urban trees by watering the rootball deeply and regularly, protecting them from mechanical damage, and providing proper mulching for moisture retention.

What Role Do Urban Trees Play in Improving Air Quality?

Urban trees act as natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, effectively contributing to cleaner and healthier city atmospheres.
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What Are the Economic Benefits of Urban Tree Planting?

Beyond ecological advantages, urban tree planting boosts property values, reduces energy costs, and attracts businesses, providing economic gains for cities.
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What Are the Environmental Impacts of Urban Tree Planting?

Urban tree planting combats the urban heat island effect, mitigates stormwater runoff, and enhances biodiversity, contributing positively to the local ecosystem.

How Do Urban Tree Planting Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation?

Urban trees sequester carbon dioxide, cool urban environments, and reduce energy consumption, playing a crucial role in mitigating climate change impacts.

What Is the Importance of Urban Tree Canopy Coverage?

Urban tree canopy coverage provides shade, improves air quality, regulates temperatures, and enhances the overall urban landscape, making cities more livable.
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How Do Urban Tree Planting Enhance Biodiversity in Cities?

Urban trees offer habitats for diverse wildlife species, encouraging biodiversity and creating mini-ecosystems that enrich urban environments.

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“We are big on compliance on all projects, and the fact that their SmartCertify cloud platform covers all bases, and supports their 20 year warranties, is critical – especially that these pits are being installed under roadways and footpaths.”

- Johny Purkaystha, Civil Program Engineer, Central Coast Council -

"I reviewed all the previous projects that we have installed in the past couple years using your product and I can happily report back that we have 0% mortality in the soil cells, which is incredible!"

- Brendan Wilton, CEO, Trim Landscaping, Bedford, Canada -