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RootDirector C Series

RootDirector C Series

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Citygreen Root Director


The new C series RootDirector™ range carries forward the function of the original RD640 Root Director, including tapered sides, root training ribs, and seamless sides, with the additional benefit of an integrated circular lawn edge at the top surface for a neat finish to your project. Root Director C series is available in two sizes to suit the most popular rootball dimensions.

Trees planted in urban settings often require root systems to be directed below the level of hard pavements and road curbs, to prevent costly damage due to root heave. Once a road pavement surface or road curb is broken, water penetrates and encourages further shallow root growth, and the extent of pavement damage escalates rapidly. Often the most economical solution is to remove the tree, to the loss and detriment of the community and environment.

Planting trees with a properly designed root management system is a small cost to pay compared to the cost over time of infrastructure repair, not to mention litigation.


root director

  • Integral Lawn Edge
  • Tapered sides
  • Tough molded construction
  • Recycled polymer
  • Protection for paved surrounds
  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Greatly enhanced tree stability
  • Integral ribbed construction which prevents root swirl
  • Compatible with Citygreen tree pit products
  • Simple to install
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Product Specification

Product Code Dimension A (nom) Dimension B (nom) Dimension C (nom) WSUD
RDC600 600mm 900mm 400mm No
RDC900 900mm 1,200mm 400mm No
*Note: Product dimensions may change without notice. Please confirm with Citygreen at time of order placement.