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Viva “Green” Las Vegas

Las Vegas trees

Viva “Green” Las Vegas

by Ashley Carlton

When thinking of Las Vegas images of an iconic urban landscape come to mind. What doesn’t come to the forefront is the lavish greenery and supple urban forest. Citygreen® strives to create change amongst a grey landscape in a tough subtropical climate.

Proud to announce an exciting project in the Las Vegas’ urban forest, Citygreen places it’s most cutting edge technology in the ground to support a greener landscape. Joe Gooden of Citygreen says, “What we’re hoping to highlight here is the way we can make street trees grow in tough climates when we give them better soil conditions.”

Las Vegas

Las Vegas inhabits part of the Mojave Desert, which means blistering days of sunshine, where 60% of the year exceeds temperatures of ninety degrees fahrenheit. Given these strained conditions trees have little chance of success, the time for innovative solutions is now.

The health and presence of a green urban forest has tangible and intangible benefits that can’t be overlooked, including the mental health and success of it’s residents, a measurable increase in property value and subsequent commercial benefits.

soil cell las vegas

As the Las Vegas council seeks innovative solutions to enhance their cities landscape, furthering an already vibrant resident and tourist population, products such as Citygreen’s Stratacell™ will allow for strong tree growth, via robust tree pits, rooting in healthy soil conditions. In conjunction with Landscape Architects, Alta Planning, Engineers, CA Group, and Landscape Contractors, GTI Nevada, Citygreen is excited to further study the results of its sustainable landscape solutions and will continue to share the feedback, progress reports, and case studies as the installation of this ground breaking project continues. Stay tuned for further insights to come in the coming months.