Citygreen / Case StudiesInnovation by Town of Pemberton combines smart water harvesting and reuse, with tree vault BMP’s by Citygreen

Innovation by Town of...

Pemberton is a small mountain town located 20 minutes North of world-renowned ski resort Whistler in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

In 2019 the town of Pemberton was awarded a government grant to upgrade ageing infrastructure and give their tourist town a facelift. Pemberton had some issues with flooding which they were keen to fix and at the same time wanted to create an inviting and enjoyable experience for the visitors and residents of the town.

One of the solutions was the Stratavault system, this system was placed underneath all sidewalks for two reasons. The first was to collect the mass of snow run off and rainfall that would typically flood the town, slow this water down and clean it with the soil held in the Stratavault system. The second was to hold enough soil so the trees that were planted in the sidewalk could have access to nutrient-rich soil for many years to come.