Lunch ‘n’ Learn

More of an interactive workshop than a seminar – we will be looking at issues faced by urban designers seeking to make cities more livable, some solutions to these issues, and applications. Please note this is not a pre-recorded seminar!

What will be covered in our free 60-minute online Lunch n Learn seminar?

  1. How to create large healthy tree canopies faster and more predictably
  2. How to integrate stormwater to increase liveability and sustainability.
  3. How one city has grown trees valued at 34 times the norm, in 1/4 of the time.
  4. How to ‘Future Proof’ tree vaults against utility conflicts.
  5. An overview of options that permit designers to incorporate structural vaults beneath traffic-able pavements
  6. An opportunity to discuss any current and future projects, analysis of applications/layouts for the most efficient use of vaults, potential conflicts, and our recommendations.
  7. An overview of available grant programs.

How to book your seminar

Select your time zone and pick a date and time from our calendar below! You will then receive a workshop invitation via email shortly. We look forward to meeting!