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Stratavault Empowering Tree Planting in Tamworth CBD

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Key Facts

Fitzroy Street
Tamworth, NSW 2340


Tamworth City Council

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A Vision for a Vibrant CBD

Tamworth is a vibrant regional city located on the Peel River in the middle of New South Wales. Known as the ‘Country Music Capital of Australia’, it is celebrated for its rich musical heritage and hosts the internationally renowned Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth. Beyond its musical fame, Tamworth boasts a diverse and thriving community, offering plenty of country charm.

The heart of Tamworth CBD, Peel Street, is a hub for distant towns and farmers to visit, work and play. During Tamworth's famous week-long ‘Toyota Country Music Festival’ Peel Street is closed to traffic and transforms into a lively pedestrian thoroughfare filled with bustling markets and lively buskers and performer stages up and down the street.

Recognizing the opportunity to breathe new life into adjacent Fitzroy Street, Tamworth Regional Council embarked on a comprehensive revitalization project in December 2017 to help integrate the underutilized street into the CBD and help bring life to the businesses by adding a place for people to congregate with lighting, trees for shade, and street furniture with misting and ‘living umbrellas’.

Tamworth Fitzroy street chinese elm trees in stratavault next to street furniture

Tree Growth Comparison

In 2023, Citygreen conducted a site visit and observed the impressive growth of the Chinese Elms since their planting. Citygreen's Stratavault infrastructure plays a vital role in supporting this remarkable tree growth. By providing an optimal environment with uncompacted soil, the trees can establish extensive root systems within the vault.

growth comparision of tree in tamworth fitzroy street

This innovative design not only prevents root damage to city infrastructure, such as roads and pavements, but also ensures that the trees receive essential water and oxygen. Permeable pavements allow oxygen and rainfall to seep through the pavement into the soil vault enabling the root system to breathe, while a snorkel system with integrated piping is included at the base of each tree.

This system enables Tamworth Regional Council's team to effectively hydrate and manage the trees, even during the frequent droughts experienced in Australia's harsh climate.

fitzoy street comparison from 2015 v 2023

Development of Fitzroy street into a pedestrian focused CBD street.

Benefits to the Community and Businesses

The tree planting initiative in Fitzroy Street has had a profoundly positive impact on the community and local businesses. The once-dull streetscape has been completely transformed into a vibrant and inviting environment adorned with lush greenery. This visual enhancement has greatly improved the aesthetics of the area, creating a more appealing and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Fitzroy street concept plan

Moreover, the revitalized streetscape has not only enhanced the overall appeal of Fitzroy Street but also positively impacted local businesses. The presence of greenery and the inviting ambiance created by the trees have attracted more foot traffic to the area. 


“Fitzroy Street is now truly part of Tamworth’s busy CBD, and is particularly popular during Tamworth’s hot summers as a great place to take a break while shopping in Peel Street.”

Tamworth Regional Council


As a result, businesses located along Fitzroy Street have experienced increased visibility, footfall, and customer engagement. The combination of natural beauty, shade, and a pleasant atmosphere has made the street a desirable destination for residents and visitors, ultimately contributing to the economic growth and vitality of the local community.

Advantages of Stratavault for the Project

stratavault being installed in fitzroy street tamwoth

Stratavault installed in curved pit


Citygreen Stratavault™ revolutionizes tree-planting projects in urban environments. By maximizing soil volume for tree roots and providing a stable base for roads and pavement, Citygreen Stratavault™ ensures optimal conditions for thriving city trees. With its robust and interconnected module matrix, installation becomes effortless, allowing trees to flourish in even the most challenging environments.

Tamworth Regional Council worked with specialized consultants on the project and their selection of Stratavault for this project was driven by the several key advantages it offered:

Stratavault was selected for this project due to the significant quantities of underground utilities located in Fitzroy Street, which were constrained by significant stormwater infrastructure, water, sewer, power, communications, and gas services. This meant that containing the root systems of any new trees planted was a significant concern, which was alleviated through the installation of Stratavault. As Fitzroy Street was seen as a multi-use development, the two vault sites are also located with the area intended to carry traffic loading during events”

Tamworth Regional Council

stratavault installation in tamworth fitzroy street

Stratavaults innovative design facilitated ideal growing conditions, root containment, and protection of underground services while promoting healthy tree growth. Additionally, its load-bearing capabilities ensured durability, making it ideal for a multi-use area such as Fitzroy Street.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The commitment to sustainability is at the core of the Tamworth Regional Council's vision for the development of Fitzroy Street. Although the initial plan did not include a complete tree canopy cover, the importance of maintaining the shade provided by the existing trees has become a long-term priority for the council.

Tamworth Regional Council recognizes the significance of green spaces and the benefits they bring to the community and the environment. They are dedicated to the greening and cooling of the region, aligning their efforts with their Blueprint 100 strategy. This strategy emphasizes a responsible and sustainable approach to urban development, aiming to enhance the quality of life for residents while preserving and protecting the picturesque landscape Tamworth inhabits


The project stands as a testament to the positive impact of strategic tree planting and sustainable urban development. Through the innovative application of Stratavault, Tamworth's surrounding CBD was able to be better utilized and incorporated into the greater CBD streetscape for a greener, more attractive environment. The project's success is evident in the revitalized streetscape, the community's enjoyment of shaded areas, and the long-term commitment to sustainability.

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