D-MAN® Anchor System Plati-Mat®

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Introducing a NEW development in underground Tree Anchoring Solutions.

With the ever increasing desire to create beautiful landscapes in challenging urban environments and roof gardens there are many occasions where a standard tree anchoring system cannot be used due to the location of buried services or shallow planting areas.The award-winning D-MAN® is a strong, compact and lightweight system primarily designed to replace the traditional kerbstone or sleeper deadman.

D-MAN® can be used individually or in multiples and cells simply lock / unlock together.It has a distinctive letterbox style wire tendon anchor point and a unique cup for valuable water storage. D-MAN® is made from recycled plastic and when combined Plati-Mat® and our own engineered ratchet tensioner provides excellent stability to the tree.


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The D-MAN® cells / Deadmen should be installed at least 30cm below the base of the rootball with the soil compacted above the cells to 60%, right up to the nursery line.

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D-MAN® Structural Systems

Platipus DMAN® Structural System 300x280 1 Citygreen

D-MAN® cells can be easily connected together and stacked to create a structural system to suit any planting area or podium. This allows for trees with rootballs of varying heights to be planted level and also provides options to influence the architecture of the soil.

The D-MAN® Structural System alleviates many problems caused by planting in restricted urban areas.

  • Cover and protect large planting areas & roof gardens
  • Stack cells, by rotating them 180°, to allow planting areas to be built up.
  • Secure trees & large shrubs with our D-MAN® Anchor System in any location
  • Allows catchment water to drain underneath leaving the balance in cells

Platipus DMAN® Stacked Up STRUCTURAL 300x224 1 Citygreen

For planning guidance, these cells fit 16 per m2 and 208 per m3

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