A Duraplate Tree Grate with optional watering-inlet - Stainless Steel

A modern take on the transitional outlines of a cast iron treegrate, this refined design is crafted in the metals of your choice with the latest precision machinery.

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**Customized Sizing Available**

Product Specification

Product Code Product Style Product Dimensions
DPFPKE120SS Kendall - Stainless Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPKE120WS Kendall - Weathering Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPKE120AA Kendall - Anodized Aluminum (Marine-Grade) Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPKE120PC Kendall - P/Coated Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPKE150SS Kendall - Stainless Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPKE150WS Kendall - Weathering Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPKE150AA Kendall - Anodized Aluminum (Marine-Grade) Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPKE150PC Kendall - P/Coated Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm