Best Tree Root Development

illustration of root growth with perforated piping for water and air

Sufficient oxygen, water, soil and nutrients are essential for healthy root growth and therefore healthy trees. If soil gets too wet, the voids between soil particles become filled with water and the root hairs cannot absorb oxygen. Over time the roots ‘drown’ which eventually may also kill the tree, through lack of the required water and nutrients.

The water from efficient tree irrigation is required not only for all the biochemical processes involved in photosynthesis, respiration and transport but also for mechanical support to leaf and stem tissue.  Insufficient (or inefficient) tree watering will result in loss of leaf turgor and a consequent reduction in new shoot extension. Eventually, this will lead to die-back and, if not remedied, the loss of the tree.

Oxygen may also be available at depth if the soil is not compacted and the action of earthworms has created tunnels through which oxygen can flow. Tree roots will grow near the surface unless adequate water and air are available below ground.

perforated piping installed around a tree to help enable deeper root growth

How to Promote Deeper Root Growth?

One method for getting tree roots to grown down is providing both the necessary water and air to the tree roots which ensures deeper root growth involves the use of a perforated flexible piping system like the Snorkil RootRain system by Citygreen. At the time a tree is being planted, the pipe may be looped around the root ball within the immediate rooting zone of the new tree, and also in the outer rooting zone, looped throughout the root cell matrix. The pipe is then connected to an inlet located at the tree pit surface. This method may be adapted for use beside roadside verges and open space tree planting or in heavily-trafficked areas.

It’s important to remember that after planting to water the rootball directly as the tree only benefits from what its tree roots can reach.

How to get tree roots to grow down?

03 Garden inlet perpespective 00000 1 root growth Citygreen

Tree roots only grow in areas that have nutrients, water, and oxygen that’s why generally speaking tree roots stay in the top 18 – 24 inches of soil depth as infiltration from oxygen and water starts to lessen.

Adding a perforated piping system to the tree roots like a Snorkil root rain can ensure that oxygen and water can easily access tree roots at a deeper depth and guide the trees deeper into the soil away from the surface.

The water inlet

The inlet enables a water hose to be attached when water is needed. The rest of the time the pipe, being looped in a circuit, allows air to flow passively through the system and around the roots of the tree. Changes in air pressure above ground are also accommodated. This arrangement enables long deep watering over the entire root system and the opportunity for the soil to dry between watering, which is better for trees and root growth than frequent light watering.

Snorkil™ RootRain

garden single 4th view cropped root growth Citygreen

RootRain™ Urban is a large capacity irrigation system with a fixed non-removable grid inlet. The grid allows water and air through but prevents ingress of litter and debris.

Suited for: Roadside verge and open space tree planting. 

Snorkil™ Rondo & Plaza Series

plaza kit single 4th view root growth Citygreen

The Snorkil™ Rondo (round inlet) and Snorkil™ Plaza (square inlet) series have been specially designed to interlock with our range of integrated tree grilles or be set in the pavement to provide an attractive and durable way of maintaining aeration for tree root systems.

This provides a tamper-resistant system that will also prevent the inlet from sinking as a result of any soil settlement around the tree.

Suited for: Integrated tree grilles or to be set in the pavement.