Are you a local government council, public space architect, town planner or property developer looking to transform your local community into a vibrant green space?

This can be a great initiative to make a real difference for the health of your suburb, the local citizens and the environment. However, these projects are often costly too.

Fortunately, governments often have certain financial grants available for sustainability projects like these.

So how do you apply for a government grant successfully?

What is a government grant?

A government grant is an application for the financial assistance given by the federal, state or local government to support a particular project.

There are grants available all over the world that can help finance your plan to build sustainable spaces. However, grants are funded by tax dollars, which means strict compliances and measures must be followed to make sure that the money will benefit the whole community.

This needs to be proven for your project to even be considered.

Being approved for a government grant is a huge deal because it means that your project will be contributing to the community.

However, there are a lot of requirements and paperwork that have to be prepared and submitted in order to apply. This process can be time-consuming and quite confusing at times, due to the requirements.

How can Citygreen help you apply for a government grant?

With strict standards on product choice, support networks, procedures, costings and proposals, attaining a grant from the government can be quite a difficult task.

But we’re here to help you.

At Citygreen, we have a team of government grant application specialists who can assist you with all the paperwork and processes, from compliance to analysis, costings and more. The added benefit is that working with a known brand like Citygreen means your project will include world-renowned products with high-quality sustainability ratings.

So, you don’t just have our assistance and expertise to help you apply for the government grant, but the products and proven green systems that we include will provide a highly compelling item to your submission.

Government grand case study: working with Citygreen

Here’s an example of a client that we helped with our grant application assistance.

Both our service as well as our products successfully secured a grant from the government. This project wouldn’t have proceeded without our assistance, and we’re so proud that we were able to help facilitate such a valuable project for the good of the local community.

You can watch their full story here:

Do you want to apply for a Government grant?

Citygreen is passionate about helping you achieve your goals of protecting our planet with sustainable solutions. For quality government grant application services with state-of-the-art products, contact us today!