A Duraplate Tree Grate with optional watering-inlet - Stainless Steel

An intricate and finely detailed treegrate of the highest quality finish, the Atterbury design integrates seamlessly with the Snorkil watering inlets as well as the optional vertical treeguards in the Citygreen range.

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**Customized Sizing Available**

Product Specification

Product Code Product Style Product Dimensions
DPFPAT120SS Atterbury - Stainless Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPAT120WS Atterbury - Weathering Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPAT120AA Atterbury - Anodized Aluminium (Marine-Grade) Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPAT120PC Atterbury - P/Coated Steel Duraplate 1200x1200x87mm
DPFPAT150SS Atterbury - Stainless Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPAT150WS Atterbury - Weathering Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPAT150AA Atterbury - Anodized Aluminium (Marine-Grade) Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm
DPFPAT150PC Atterbury - P/Coated Steel Duraplate 1500x1500x87mm