Constitution Avenue transformed into Canberra’s premier address

Modelled on the world’s greatest boulevards, Constitution Avenue is now Canberra’s premier address with the highest density of commercial and residential buildings. Featuring impressive avenues of Quercus Robur (English Oak) trees planted using the Stratavault system, the revitalised boulevard has improved the pedestrian journey, the driving experience, the potential to include high capacity transit modes as well as greatly enhancing the civic character and functioning of central Canberra.

Constitution Avenue, Canberra Project - Citygreen

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In this comprehensive video, we hear firsthand from Jane Irwin – Landscape Architect at Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture, Joe Meneghel – Landscape Constructor at Able Landscapes and Citygreen Consultant Nathaniel Hardy.

Together, the team collaborated to bring the original concept to life – a grand urban boulevard connecting the city to the landscape, featuring a vast avenue for pedestrians and traffic, and bringing life to the city by creating a comfortable and delightful environment. Creating shade was paramount recognising the increasing urban heat island effect, and the ability of trees to reduce the ground temperature by up to 10 degrees.

Constitution Avenue, Canberra

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Citygreen’s Stratavault system was selected, providing enough uncompacted soil for the oaks and allowing the harvest of much needed rainwater to promote tree growth.

John Meneghel said, “It’s best to bite the bullet, spend the money and do it properly. What you save in maintenance and in the long term, it’s a no brainer.”

Quercus Robur tree - Constitution Avenue, Canberra

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Jane Iriwn agreed, saying, “The change is phenomenal with the area now featuring a very strong geometry. It’s been transformed from a really dusty area dominated by carparks into a really comfortable plaza for people.”

trees planted using the Stratavault system - Constitution Avenue

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Nathaniel Hardy concluded, “This project showcases the power of trees as an urban amenity, activating the space and giving economic value to the surrounding premises.”

trees along Constitution Avenue Canberra

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