Citygreen Projects is driven by a clear set of values, a passion for exceptional project outcomes and an enduring commitment to innovation.

What we Bring to your Urban Revitalisation Project:

  • Concepts and modelling
  • Budgeting and feasibility
  • Technical design and drafting
  • Documentation and contract admin
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Construction and quality control
  • Commissioning and maintenance

What is Citygreen Projects?

Citygreen Projects is your multi-disciplinary project partner to assist you in urban revitalisation projects through all phases, from conceptual modelling, budgeting, and community engagement right through to design, documentation and then final delivery of construction works.

We work together, blending our expertise and knowledge across urban planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to meet your needs and aspirations. Our advice, services and solutions are well-considered and balanced. We respond decisively to every job and every challenge, ready to help realise a successful outcome that is workable, sustainable, and achievable. We pride ourselves on integrity and commitment and believe in explaining the realities of every situation.

Citygreen Projects on site installing Stratavault for a new tree pit

What Services do Citygreen Projects offer?

Citygreen Project’s role is the creation of sustainable places for people that enrich community life, provide joyful, memorable, and worthwhile experiences, and serve the natural environment.

Citygreen Projects works closely with Citygreen’s DesignStudio, a dedicated and experienced group of design professionals providing services in master planning, plans of management, design for public domain, parks and open spaces, strategy and policy for recreation, open space and public domain, and planning and design for multi-residential developments and estates.

Our process is multidisciplinary, tapping into the extensive experience and insight of experts across our practice. We take an inclusive approach, involving clients at all stages of a project to ensure their needs are met, providing education and insight wherever needed.

father and son enjoying nature and trees

Who does Citygreen Projects work with?

We work with clients (particularly LGA’s) throughout Australia and New Zealand, balancing commitment, creativity, and innovation with award-winning experience. Creating great cities and places to live and work requires an ability to respond to urban and regional development complexity. Our collaborative approach integrates multiple stakeholders and complex interrelationships.

Our services extend across private and public sectors and all scales of projects, from master-planned communities to intimate and engaging interior spaces. Citygreen’s DesignStudio, a team of architects, designers, planners, engineers and environmental scientists, share the technical knowledge and the latest digital tools and resources to bring imaginative thinking to solve clients’ challenges.

Citygreen Projects Manager on site

Why should I use Citygreen Projects to manage my next Urban Renewal Project?

Citygreen assists you in undertaking urban landscape projects from start to finish, so you don’t have to spend the time budgeting & managing multiple contractors. At Citygreen, we have been researching and developing best practise methodologies internationally for decades to help plan, plant and maintain trees in the city and create green space in urban environments.

Citygreen Projects understands how towns, cities, and region’s function. Our aim is to work with you to make them even better, streamlining the planning and design process to ultimately deliver successful, compelling solutions.

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I have a vision for an urban development project, what are the next steps?

Book a free online workshop to learn more about Citygreen Projects. This interactive workshop covers everything from creating large healthy tree canopies faster and more predictably to how to integrate living green wall systems, to incorporating stormwater management and increase the liveability and sustainability of our cities for generations to come, based on case studies, industry research, structural and civil engineering considerations.

Book Your Online Workshop

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