In the City of Whittlesea, council is inviting residents to help develop a strategy that will protect and enhance the city’s trees and green cover.

The Greening Whittlesea City Forest Strategy will provide a long-term action plan for a city that is a healthier and more resilient place for residents to live and work. Chair – Panel of Administrators, Lydia Wilson, said the draft strategy aims to protect existing local trees and green cover while increasing tree canopy by 20%. “Increased green cover creates healthier ecosystems, reduces temperatures, provides more habitat for flora and fauna and creates more green spaces for people to use and enjoy,” Wilson said.

The strategy addresses three major challenges that require collaborative solutions, including: climate change, urban expansion and population growth, and urban heating. “We look forward to working with the community to address how, when and where trees are planted across the municipality and identifying the most appropriate species for the City of Whittlesea,” Wilson said.

Greening Whittlesea City Forest Strategy is now on public exhibition. Have your say at until 10th August 2020.


city forest in singapore
City Forest in Singapore (source