City of Melbourne Collaborates with Community Members on its Urban Forest Strategy:

“Participate Melbourne” was launched by the Melbourne City Council in 2013, as a means for members

of the community to understand and contribute to the decisions that shape Melbourne’s future. An

online, collaborative community, this initiative is the result of the council’s commitment to being a more

accessible, transparent, and responsive organization. Information is shared about the council’s decisions

and performance, with a particular focus on how the views of community members have influenced the

Key projects being shaped by Participate Melbourne include the Queen Victoria Market, 10 Year

Financial Plan, the Arts Strategy, and the Urban Forest Strategy.


According to its Urban Forest Strategy site, The City of Melbourne is, “facing three significant challenges:

climate change, urban heating, and population growth. These will place significant pressure on the built

fabric, services and people of the city. A healthy urban forest will play an important role in maintaining

Melbourne’s liveability.”


The Urban Forest Strategy provides a robust framework for the evolution and longevity of Melbourne’s

urban forest, with Participate Melbourne currently running a number of initiatives to inform how this

will look at an individual street level. Via Participate Melbourne, the council is working with community

members to develop tree planting plans for local areas.


Already in progress is the plan for a future urban forest in Parkville, with community members meeting

at a free breakfast to contribute and discuss ideas in March. Individuals can also share their ideas by

pinning them on an interactive map, and completing a photo questionnaire. Both tools, along with

regular updates, can be found on the Urban Forest Strategy site.


Next on the agenda for the 2015 program, two further free community breakfasts will take place:


To receive updates on urban forest projects and events in the City of Melbourne, individuals can email


Photo credit: Participate Melbourne