Leading Dubai developers, Diamond Developers, are leading the innovation charge with their new flagship development, Sustainable City, set to become Dubai’s star tourist attraction for Expo 2020. Designed to be net zero, in line with Sheikh Mohammed’s green economy project, the project covers the three major aspects – social, economic, and environmental – and is aiming to become a global landmark for ecotourism and sustainable living by meeting the highest environmental standards.

Aiming to recover costs in just four years, it will do so by harvesting 80 tonnes of dates annually from its 2000 palm trees. Featuring residential space for 500 townhouses and courtyard villas, it takes inspiration from the urban form and heritage of Dubai’s old Iranian quarter of Bastakiya.

Designed to be net zero-energy, it will produce all its needs from solar-panelled roofs. All water will be recycled and reused for urban farming, growing herbs, fruit, and vegetables. And it will also be fully equipped to sort and recycle all of its waste.

Diamond Developers are confident Sustainable City will be a success, and say their main challenge will be, ‘…to convince people to copy their model by going sustainable without any extra cost, instead of continuing with conventional buildings.”

They will offer advisory, consultancy, and partnerships for future sustainable projects by using Sustainable City as a platform. The city will feature an innovation centre that will provide research, development and training, a science museum geared for educational tourism, and a rehabilitation centre for medical tourism.

Diamond Developers hope future developers and investors take on their challenge to promote the ideology of sustainability worldwide.

Source: Telegraph UK

image courtesy of Telegraph UK