Feel physically and mentally rejuvenated after spending time in nature? You’re not imagining things. A recent study involving 1538 people living in Brisbane has found that spending just 30 minutes in green space each week significantly reduces your chances of developing depression and high blood pressure.

Dr Richard Fuller, one of the study’s co-authors, says, “We’ve known for a long time that visiting parks is good for our health, but we are now beginning to establish exactly how much time we need to spend in parks to gain these benefits.”

In September, Dr Fuller will speak at the Urban Forestry Masterclass in Adelaide. Free to attend, the Urban Forestry Masterclass is based on the How to Grow an Urban Forest methodology – developed by the 202020 Vision, based on the City of Melbourne’s urban forest efforts.

With a focus on rapidly transferring practical skills that can help catalyse urban forestry, the workshop will address common barriers and identify opportunities to collaborate and share cost-effective tools to better understand and manage urban forests.

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