Research Report: Permeable Pavements, Street Trees & Stormwater RunoffResearch Report: Permeable Pavements, Street Trees & Stormwater Runoff
Australia is known as the driest inhabited continent, with one of the most variable rainfall climates in the world.

In 1991, 86% of Australia’s population resided in or near the coastal zone and over the past 20 years, non-metropolitan coastal areas have experienced a striking 95% increase in population.

With a highly variable climate across the continent generally, as well as from year-to-year, its people must learn to live with drought by harvesting and utilizing water resources wisely.

An interesting report conducted by an Australian Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Dr Terry Lucke and colleagues (from three major universities) research the concepts of permeable pavements, street tree health and stormwater runoff.

This paper reports on a new experimental research project that has been designed to assess and quantify the long-term performance of permeable pavements in reducing stormwater flows and pollution loads, while reducing the incidence of structural damage to pavements by tree roots and in turn promoting healthier and faster growing trees.

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