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23-25 Glenelg Street in South Brisbane is set to house an innovative new urban forest. Expanding the idea of a vertical garden, the new residential building called ‘The Urban Forest’ lodged by Aria Property Group will incorporate 1003 trees and 20,000 plants into the building itself. With a green plot ratio of 292%, this will make it the world’s greenest residential tower.

Designed by Koichi Takada Architect, this visionary building will achieve several milestones including the first standalone 5-star Green Star residential building and the highest communal recreation area. A 30-storey tower, it will include 383 apartments, 561 car spaces, 5 electric cars for the residents’ use, ground floor retail and two communal rooftop levels. The design will feature a huge open space on the ground floor and beyond with seating, art, water features and a children’s play area with waterfalls and ponds.

Aria’s Development Manager, Michael Hurley, said they want this new building to set the benchmark for green urban centres. “In time we want Brisbane to be mentioned in the same breath as Singapore as a global leader in green buildings and sustainability,” Hurley said.

Architect, Koichi Takada, said their practice was promoting cities to inspire the next generation to create mass greening for a sustainable and greener future. “The Urban Forest is a vertical park which features five times the trees found in nearby Musgrave Park and a Green Plot Ratio [at] 292 per cent [of] the site area in gardens; equivalent to taking over 150 cars off the road each year. It is important to bring such a building to Brisbane at this time, as unlike more populated cities, Brisbane still offers abundant opportunity to define and shift the city to a more natural and humanised approach. The result is the greenest residential building with generous backyards in the sky and offers a healthier way to live.”

This gloriously green building will no doubt attract visitors from the local community and beyond, and will feature a visitor’s information centre and guided experience to educate on the building and its cutting-edge green features. Stay tuned to see this stunning and unusual design come to life.