How to Install Stratavault Soil Cells

In this article we go over a brief overview of the installation of Citygreen’s Stratavault – the worlds best soil cell system.

installing a stratavault pit in parramatta

This is intended to give you an overview of the installation process and if you would like to get certified for installing the Stratavault soil cell system you can undertake our free Citygreen Academy course ‘Installing Stratavault Soil Vault System’

How to Store Stratavault on Site

Product storage install stratavault Citygreen

The Stratavault modules nest perfectly within each other and should be kept wrapped on the pallet until they are required.

Marking out the Stratavault Tree pit

Tree pit layout install stratavault Citygreen

The tree pit locations and dimensions must be accurately surveyed and marked as detailed by the specifying landscape architect. The overall dimensions must allow for the specified structure to be installed plus the required clearances. At this stage is it is vital to confirm the future tree locations align correctly.

Site Soil Analysis

Site soil analysis install stratavault Citygreen

Site soil analysis is to be conducted to determine the quality of local soil. In most cases new soil designed specifically for the tree will be used to ensure correct nutrients, compaction levels for root growth, and adequate drainage of surplus water.

Excavating the Stratavault Treepit

excavation image install stratavault Citygreen

The installer is to excavate the treepit to the dimensions of the detailed plan. The side walls of the excavated pit are to be clean and straight. The tree pit length, width, and diagonals need to measured to ensure correct dimensions are being obtained. The installer is to confirm the correct depth is to be provided measuring from finished drainage level.

The Reinforcing Collar

reinforcing collar image install stratavault Citygreen

The top perimeter of the treepit must be excavated to provide a tapered zone for engineered back fill to full depth of tree pit. The sides and base of the excavation must be clean and straight to ensure suitable compaction.

Preparing the Sub-base

sub base prep install stratavault Citygreen

Compact the subgrade or viable ground with 3 passes of a suitable vibrating compacting machine.

Drainage Layers

Drainage layers install stratavault Citygreen

The drainage layer must be installed from free draining angular aggregate. In some cases a geotextile or Geocomposite layer must be installed between the sub-grade and the drainage layer to meet civil engineering requirements.

Where required perforated piping must be installed within the drainage layer to provide drainage for excess water in the pit.

Drainage layers v2 install stratavault Citygreen

Stratavault Soil Cell Assembly

install stratavault matrix
  1. Position the Stratavault footplates within the designated tree pit area.
  2. Set the Stratavault modules onto the positioned footplates.
  3. Link the footplates together using bridge connectors.
  4. If the project calls for multiple layers, install vertical connectors at the top of the Stratavault columns.
  5. Construct the matrix structure, adhering to the specified height levels. using bridge connectors on each level.
  6. Upon reaching the prescribed level, carefully fill the Stratavault matrix with soil, ensuring proper compaction.
  7. Finally, cap the structure by placing the top grates securely on the top layer.

Snorkil Aeration Pipes

Aeration Pipes install stratavault Citygreen

The pipe must be laid in a complete connected pipe near the outer edge of the installed stratavault matrix.

Linear Root Barriers

Root Barriers install stratavault Citygreen

Root Barriers are used to direct exploring tree roots away from infrastructure to minimise infrastructure damage. Ensure the barrier is installed to the full depth of the pit. Any joins must have an overlap of 150mm or 6 inches.

Working with Services

Working with Services install stratavault Citygreen

Depending on the size of the existing service, the stratavault modular flexibility can be used to build around the structure and the component may need to be removed or cut to build around it. Get advice from an engineer or citygreen before cutting the matrix.

Filling the Tree Pit

Loading Matrix install stratavault Citygreen

When Stratavault matrix is fully assembled (excuding top plates). The higher quality soil designed for the tree can be placed into the matrix. It is important the soil in the matrix is not over filled to ensure space oxygen and water to reach the growth roots.

placing top grates on a stratavault pit filled with soil

Place top grates once you have reached ideal levels of compaction.

Geocomposite Reinforcement

Filtergrid install stratavault Citygreen

Geocomposite reinforcement is placed lining the vertical walls of the matric prior to soil filling and granular placement. Material joins must be straight, free of debris and overlap 300mm.

Placing Granular Pavement Layers

Granular Base Course install stratavault Citygreen

Compact with a vibrating plate achieving up to 98% compaction mmdd(maximum dry density)

For a full scale overview of how you can use stratavault for urban tree growth and stormwater management we recommend reaching out to our team of consultants to book a call to talk about your project.

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