In 2016, it seems green walls are popping up everywhere – beautifying interior spaces in everything from retail outlets to corporate head offices, and increasing productivity and sustainability in the process.

Starting overseas, the trend is now well and truly taking off in Australia. Mark Paul, Founder and Owner of The Greenwall Company said, “We have recently installed our first green wall for the St George Bank in Barangaroo, Sydney’s newest business district. Branding was incorporated into the design of the wall similar to installations we have completed for Google Head Office, Jurlique, QANTAS and Origin Energy to name a few.”

Numerous studies have shown that simply having some greenery in sight has a positive physiological effect – increasing workplace productivity and decreasing sick leave.

Washington State University had the blood pressure and emotions of participants monitored, and concluded that when plants were added to the interior space, the participants had a 12 per cent quicker reaction time, had lower blood pressure and reported feeling more attentive.

Mr Paul added, “Above and beyond the benefits for workers and customers, green walls are a more sustainable and economic option for businesses. If you compare the cost of re-ordering dead potted plants every three months versus installing a green wall in the first place you’ll find you’ve made your money back in under 12 months!”

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