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Transform a heavily paved space into a glorious, green oasis

Together, let’s create memorable places to live, work, shop and explore

Since 2005 Citygreen has worked with architects, town planners and developers to transform hardscaped urban spaces. From shopping malls to streets capes, through to waterfront developments and theme parks, we’ve worked on countless sites around the world.

While every project is different, most large projects share a common goal –to create a sense of place and belonging within a heavily paved environment.This is where Citygreen excels.Just like our clients, we love creating cool, inviting spaces where people love to spend time. Places that spark joy and ignite imagination.

Remember those magical places from childhood that left a lasting impression? Those special streets you always aspired to live, work or shop on? These are the places we help create with lush, healthy trees. No matter how vast the concrete –or how harsh the climate –Citygreen brings urban spaces to life.

“What was essentially a blank canvas has been transformed into a successful, vibrant and active public environment.”
– Karin Schicht, Landscape Architecture Supervisor at Penrith City Council

The benefits of urban trees

-Whether it’s leafy green canopies on a suburban street,iconic palm trees on a tourist strip or subtle shrubs in a shopping mall, trees contribute so much to the look and feel of a site. They add beauty, colour and character, particularly in heavily paved areas.But the benefits are more than aesthetic. Here are just a few ways street trees add value to a site:

“[Citygreen] gives trees the opportunity to grow to their mature size in a harsh urban environment.”
–Kate, Landscape Architect from Gamble McKinnon Green

Strong, sustainable solutions –with proven results worldwide

The harder the environment, the more difficult it can be to achieve healthy tree growth –but not when you work with Citygreen. Our advanced urban landscape solutions allow trees to flourish in any environment.

Our patented Stratacell and Stratavault systems are the world’s strongest structural soil cells, supplying 92% of total soil volume for healthy root growth in any conditions. Made from 100% recycled polymers, they are built to withstand even the toughest climates while delivering maximum environmental benefit.

By allowing trees to reach their full potential faster, Citygreen solutions help cities, communities and clients to reap the benefits of street trees sooner.Plus, with our focus on customer service and technical support, we make the process easy.

“Personal service and follow up is fantastic. I’m a believer in the system.”
–William Wells, Senior Landscape Architect at LK Architecture

Citygreen success stories

As the leading global practitioners for successful tree growth outcomes, we have many success stories. Here are a few of our favourites.




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