A common concern with green living walls is maintenance, which may put people off investing in this high-value asset – but don’t be afraid!

At Citygreen, we can provide continual support from installation to maintenance requirements for our Citygreen™ Living Wall system so consumers know they are getting the best return on their investment.

Below we have answered the most common concerns people have when they think about living green walls.

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living walls Q & A

Do living walls create water damage to my building?

The Citygreen™ Living Wall systems have a waterproof membrane that prevents water from penetrating substructures.

Do living walls use too much water?

Compared to other greenspaces, the water usage for living walls like Citygreen’s™ Living Wall system is low, as it typically requires two litres per square metre per day to irrigate the wall.

Irrigation is the most critical part of a successful living wall system. In our Citygreen™ Living Wall system, we have designed the vertical irrigation lines to be embedded in a moisture retention layer for optimal water efficiency.

An optional recirculated irrigation system can be installed to achieve further water-saving outcomes.

Will a living green wall work in my ‘space’?

Citygreen’s™ Living Wall system is available in nine standard panel sizes; however, it can also be engineered to retrofit walls on unique buildings. The system is also the lightest on the market, weighing only 35kg per square meter, fully planted and saturated. This means that no additional support structures will be required on small-scale projects.

Also, as discussed above, wherever on the wall the system will be mounted does not require additional waterproofing, as a waterproof membrane is included in the design.

Do living walls require too much ongoing work?

The Citygreen™ Living Wall system comes with remote control monitoring. An advanced automated system ensures the consumer can control the system’s moisture, temperature, ph levels and general conductivity on their computer or phone. This remote capability extends to the automated refilling of the water tanks connected to the wall.

Liquid fertilizer concentrates can also be used in the automated irrigation system to feed the plants. This means that the consumer can easily maintain plant health, but they can also control the pace and vigour of new growth.

Are living walls too expensive?

Citygreen can provide a detailed cost estimate, ensuring that the most suitable living wall solution aligns with your budget.

Are living green walls too hard to set up?

At Citygreen, we will perform a site analysis to determine if any technical installation requirements will be required. For example, if we believe that the indoor installation site is too dark, we recommend using artificial lighting, which we can also deliver and install.

Depending on the site’s location: indoors, outdoors, small-scale, or commercial scale, Citygreen will also assist with plant selection to help find the best species that will thrive into the future.

Assistance will also continue past the set-up stage to the maintenance process, as Citygreen can help will pruning and any ongoing concerns and issues that the living wall may have post-construction.

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