Palm Trees Stand Proud at Newport Waterside Park with Platipus Tree Anchors

Mature palm trees stand proud at Newport Waterside Park


Newport Waterside is a Stockland development in Queensland’s greater south-east. Located on the foreshore of Moreton Bay, this new estate includes a 22 hectare non-tidal lake and a nautical themed family park. It offers premium bayside living, just 30 minutes north of Brisbane.

As with most sought-after estates, trees play an important role in the overall aesthetic. This is especially true of the large palms at Newport, which add shade, character and beauty. To ensure the trees would withstand the strong winds and soil conditions, Citygreen supplied Platipus tree anchors, which were installed by the team at Eureka Landscapes.

As Health Pyatt from Eureka Landscapes explained, “CUSP Landscape Architects and Stockland needed an engineered proprietary product to secure the larger trees and palms within the land estate. They wanted to take advantage of the stunning coastal views and give the area a premium look with established mature trees and palms.”

Newport palm tree installed with platipuss tree anchors

Platipus tree anchors are the leading tree anchoring system in Australia. They have been used to secure, stabilise and irrigate trees on prestigious projects around the world, including One Tower Bridge in the UK and Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park in the USA.

By securing the rootball underground, Platipus anchors encourage quick root development, which results in very low mortality rates for newly planted trees. They also offer sustainability benefits, as the system degrades within 3-5 years once the trees have established. This was particularly important to Stockland, who are known for creating Green Star communities and building to sustainable best practices.

As well as providing a strong defence against corrosive wind and salt-laden soil, Platipus tree anchors allowed the Newport project team to build with confidence.

“The Platipus product has been used more than a hundred times within the Newport estate alone, without any failures or defects”, said Heath.

“The product has been a great advantage to our teams. It has allowed us to deliver the Newport estate safely, efficiently and to the highest standards of quality”, he added.

In terms of the finished look and feel, there’s no denying the success of the project. The large palm trees provide striking visual impact against the backdrop of Newport lake. Now, with its own shipping container café and, of course, the children’s playground, Newport is the perfect spot for families to soak up the sunshine, enjoy the shade and experience a laidback lifestyle.

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One Tower Bridge, London – UK

One Tower Bridge, London –  UK

Platipus Case Study One Tower Bridge Aerial Photo urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

One Tower Bridge is a prestigious flagship project by Berkeley Homes, offering a stunning mixed-use development directly adjacent to Tower Bridge, one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The project was multi-phased and logistically challenging as cranes were required to lift and plant mature trees at both ground and podium level.

Platipus Case Study One Tower Bridge urban trees Citygreen

All landscaping and external works were delivered by Maylim who were awarded the coveted ‘Grand Award’ at the 2017 BALI National Landscape Awards. The company’s attention to detail was highlighted throughout this high pressure project and their ability to overcome huge challenges was key to their award success. Scotscape carried out the soft landscaping over a 27 month period. The projects urban environment together with the presence of buried services meant that a combination of Platipus D-MAN® and Deadman Fixing Systems with Plati-Mat® were chosen for their high quality and reliability, providing unrivaled stability to all of the trees. The completed gardens now offer beautiful and relaxing surroundings and Platipus are proud to have been the preferred supplier for all tree anchoring systems on the project.

Tree Anchoring Systems: RF1PDMAN & RF3RDMP

Platipus Case Study DMAN® System urban trees Citygreen Platipus Case Study Deadman System 2 urban trees Citygreen

Expo Milano 2015 – Milan, Italy

Expo Milano 2015 -Milan, Italy

Platipus Expo Milano 2015 Italy 01 urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

Expo Milano 2015 was the Universal Exhibition which Milan hosted in 2015. For over 6 months, Milan became a global showcase where over 140 countries participated and welcomed over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meter of exhibition area. This significant project put Milan in the light of the international scene.

Platipus Expo Milano 2015 Italy 03 urban trees Citygreen

A variety of Platipus underground Rootball Fixing Systems were chosen to secure the numerous green spaces between the pavilions inside the Expo. Platipus systems were able to provide a clean finish to this prestigious project and also ensured the trees were safely anchored in this large public space.

Platipus Expo Milano 2015 Italy 02 urban trees Citygreen

Platipus worked closely with the Landscape Contractor in providing unlimited technical support and free on-site training to its landscape teams.

Tree Anchoring Systems: Deadman Systems -Plati-Mat® & Strap

Platipus Expo Milano Deadman Fixing System Strap urban trees Citygreen

The Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, New York

The Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, New York

Platipus Four Freedoms Park NY 03 urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, located in the East River of New York City between Manhattan and Queens, was built as a tribute to the historic wartime speech given by FDR in 1941. Designed by architect Louis Kahn in 1973, the island public park is triangular in shape and is lined with Littleleaf Linden trees around a white granite landscape. To maintain the geometrical design of the park, the Platipus Rootball Fixing System was used in lieu of stakes and guy wires.

Platipus Four Freedoms Park NY 02 urban trees Citygreen

The system also served to secure the trees against the wind loads off the surrounding water. In October 2012, just days after the official dedication, Hurricane Sandy threatened the park by producing wind gusts of over 70 mph. This major storm event did not impact the position or symmetry of the trees due to the strong stability of the anchored rootball.

Tree Anchoring System: RF2P

Platipus Rootball Fixing System Plati Mat® urban trees Citygreen

Sheraton Park, Doha

Sheraton Park, Doha

Platipus Case Study Sheraton Park Doha 02 urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

This development creates a renewed public green space covering the area from the Doha Bay to the Sheraton Hotel. The project included the design and creation of a public park and a two-story underground car park accommodating around 2,000 vehicles.

Platipus Case Study Sheraton Park Doha 01 urban trees Citygreen

Platipus underground Rootball Fixing Deadman Systems were specified in order to provide not only a clean and safe finish to the public space but also to secure these transplanted, mature palms in their concrete planting pits without jeopardizing the water proofing that protects the underground car park beneath. Platipus provided on-site training and installation advice.

Tree Anchoring Systems: Deadman System -Plati-Mat & Strap (RF2RDMP & RF2RDMS)

Platipus Case Study Deadman System 1 urban trees Citygreen Platipus Case Study Deadman Fixing System Strap urban trees Citygreen

The Garden Show 2018, Burg –Germany

The Garden Show 2018, Burg – Germany

Platipus Case Study LGS Burg Germany 03 urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

From April 2018 this public park will form the entrance to the Landesgartenschau castle. The park, built in 1913 as a railway station, lies in the west of the city which acts as a green axis between the station and the city center. The 9.5-hectare park is permanently upgraded in terms of function and design in order to fulfill its role as a central inner city park and recreation center. The fire brigade monument and the honorary cemeteries are a contrast between the places of silent remembrance. In addition, historical tombstones and 24 pattern tombs are presented in the park.

Platipus Case Study LGS Burg Germany 02 urban trees Citygreen

Before the opening of the Garden Show, more than 135 trees will be anchored in the park with underfloor anchoring systems by Platipus. As an alternative to wooden poles, this anchoring method ensures an undisturbed landscape a swell as providing a healthy, unobstructed way to grow.

Platipus Case Study LGS Burg Germany 01 urban trees Citygreen

Tree Anchoring System: RF1S

Platipus Rootball Fixing System Strap urban trees Citygreen

Edward Street, Brisbane – Australia

Edward Street, Brisbane – Australia

Platipus Case Study Edward Street Brisbane 01 urban trees Citygreen

Project Specification

An upgrade project started in September 2016 to transform this area of the Central Business District into a world-class retail environment with open footpaths and a tree-lined boulevard. 25no. Kauri Pines were planted in areas with buried services and the City Project Office did not want to restrict pedestrian access by using wooden stakes or above ground guy wires to support the transplanted trees.

Platipus Case Study Edward Street Brisbane 02 urban trees Citygreen Platipus Case Study Edward Street Brisbane 03 urban trees Citygreen

The Platipus Deadman Fixing System with Plati-Mat was specified to anchor the trees and to provide a clear aesthetic finish to the landscape. This system allowed tall 7 –9m high trees to be planted in restricted planting areas without damaging the buried services and still provided excellent stability and support to keep the trees secure. To minimize the impact on local traders, the installation was conducted at night and Cirtex Australia Ltd provided on-site advice to ensure this was done efficiently.

Tree Anchoring System: RF3RDMP

Platipus Case Study Deadman System urban trees Citygreen

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