Award-winning Queensland Ecovillage offers a sustainable alternative to modern life:

A humble ecovillage situated in the hinterland of south-east Queensland is now the most-awarded estate in Australia with over 33 awards, including “The World’s Best Environmental Development” (FIABCI Prix D’Excellence Award).

Conceived by a passionate group of friends in the late 1990s, The Ecovillage at Currumbin is an internationally-recognised sustainable community set over 270 acres. Home to 200 people, several small businesses, and an active community, it has won multiple awards for its design and leadership in sustainability.

The village’s vision is to, “Inspire sustainable living and development practice awareness by creating a residential community that exemplifies World’s Best Practice in Ecologically Sustainable Development.’ Residents live in harmony with nature, foster community spirit and a modern quality of life. Building a house in the village requires owners to meet specific building codes that encourage sustainability, improve the quality of life for occupants, and reduce ongoing operation costs. For example, most residents have little or no electricity bills.

Other interesting facts about The Ecovillage: 

  • Food is produced self-sufficiently via edible landscaping, streetscaping, and household farming
  • Wildlife corridors are prioritised, with negligible vegetation loss and extensive native plant regeneration
  • Cutting-edge integrated water quality measures have been implemented, exemplifying Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Mix of socially-oriented innovative energy-efficient housing caters for the diverse needs of occupants including young families, older families, singles, travelers, and retirees
  • Waste is recycled via an innovative, on-site recycling centre
  • Continuing education of sustainable living and development practices is offered via the on-site Interpretive Centre

To see how this award-winning sustainable community operates firsthand, express your interest in a tour here. The community has also been showcased in several videos, viewable here. 


*photo curteousy of Sander van Dijk