An innovative new apartment complex featuring a vertical forest with full-size trees and mature shrubs is set to take Brisbane by storm. The first of its kind in Australia, Walan (located at Kangaroo Point) will be the second apartment collaboration between Brisbane-based architecture firm Bureau Proberts and developer GBW Group.

Cam Ginardi of GBW Group says, “This has never been achieved in apartment living in Australia before. We’ve taken the green wall to new heights by creating a vertical forest.”

Growing up the spine of the apartment’s Main Street elevation, the trees will complement the building’s specially-designed screening, mirroring the nearby tree-studded cliffs of Kangaroo Point.

Liam Proberts, Creative Director of Bureau Proberts, says, “Instead of thinking of them as apartments, we thought of each floor like a house in its own size and connection to the outside. What we set out to achieve was a contemporary ‘Queenslander in the sky’ with all rooms opening to a veranda edge, providing cross ventilation while maintaining privacy. This entirely-glass building engages with the landscape with specially-designed screening that provides a veil between living space and external spaces, while modulating the light and heat of our sub-tropical environment.”

Taking the ever-popular vertical garden one step further, Walan promises to be an exciting new development in urban forest innovation.

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