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Trees play a vital role in our environment, providing numerous benefits such as shade, cleaner air, and improved aesthetics. As caretakers of these green wonders, it is essential to ensure their well-being and protection. Citygreen has had the privilege of working closely with trees across the world, witnessing their ability to transform ordinary urban spaces into captivating landscapes that improve the space for everyone involved. Throughout our 30 years, one constant remain: the undeniable importance of protecting and nurturing our precious arboreal companions.

Below we will detail the top 5 reasons you should use a tree guard:

Protection against External Factors

Picture a bustling urban environment where trees stand tall amidst the concrete jungle. Unfortunately, they often face risks of physical damage due to human activity. In our projects, we have seen how tree guards serve as silent protectors, shielding trees from unintentional impacts and acts of vandalism. Their robust presence not only deters potential harm but also preserves the aesthetic integrity of the surrounding landscape.

Below is an example of the Bellview Tree Guard designed by Citygreen that protected a growing tree from a car collision in Ottawa.

Example of a tree guard protecting a tree against a car collision

Prevention of Pest and Animal Damage

Nature’s critters pose a significant threat to young and vulnerable trees. We have encountered instances where tree guards acted as a formidable barrier, preventing unwanted pests and animals from nibbling on tender bark or disturbing delicate root systems. By providing a deterrent, tree guards help foster healthy growth, ensuring that young trees thrive in their early stages of development.

Enhancing Tree Growth and Health

Tree guards provide support against strong winds, reducing the risk of windthrow (uprooting) in young or newly planted trees. The guard acts as a windbreak, allowing the tree to establish a stronger root system and develop stability, which is crucial for long-term growth..

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Additionally, they act as a shield against aggressive weed competition, enabling trees to absorb essential nutrients and water without hinderance.

Safety and Liability Considerations

Safety is a crucial aspect when it comes to urban trees. The risk of falling branches or other tree-related hazards can have serious consequences. Through our experience, we have witnessed how strategically placed tree guards minimize potential dangers, ensuring the well-being of pedestrians and safeguarding nearby properties.

By proactively addressing safety concerns, tree guards alleviate liabilities that may arise from unforeseen accidents.

pavement uplift can cause serious safety and insurance liability issues for businesses and councils.
Pavement uplift can cause serious safety and insurance liability issues for businesses and councils.

Aesthetics and Tree Care Awareness

Beyond their functional role, tree guards contribute to the visual allure of our urban landscapes. They provide a harmonious blend of practicality and beauty, creating a sense of cohesion and orderliness. Moreover, these guards serve as a tangible reminder of the importance of tree care and conservation, sparking curiosity and conversations among passersby. They become ambassadors, igniting an appreciation for our arboreal companions and inspiring a collective effort towards their preservation.

Having worked closely with trees and witnessed their transformative power in our built environment, We firmly believe that tree guards are indispensable tools in your quest to protect and nurture these magnificent living organisms. Tree guards offer a holistic solution, addressing various concerns such as protection, growth enhancement, safety, aesthetics, and awareness.

Let us embrace the power of tree guards and ensure a flourishing future for our urban forests and the communities they enrich.

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