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120, 124, 134 Series

120, 124, 134 Series


Kit of 1 to 11 fold cable guidance system

You can choose: Simply combine the right support tube width with the desired base component.

With multiple guide cables you can achieve trellis elements with few attachment points. The cable distance of 4 cm is optimal for climbers such as clematis and twiners like akebia and honeysuckle.

The kit consists of structurally optimal spacer base component for various wall distances. Combine with supporting tubes in various lengths. Surfaces with a matt finish for long-term attractive visual appearance. Supplied with system-compatible mounting hardware. Distance between spacers should not exceed approx. 3-4 m, depending on the structure and selection of plants. The screw-on cable tensioners allow adjustment of cable length on site.

The range includes the 120 Series, 124 Series, 134 Series. All product have spacers with one attachment point consisting of a base component and supporting tube and have the ability to be various lengths.

green wall systems 120 series

120 Series

Distance from wall 4.7 cm.

120 Series provides multiple-cable guiding
system with diagonal connection between rafters and foundation anchors





green wall systems 124 series

124 Series

Distance from wall 9 cm.

Span of a house access with
multiple cable guiding system 124 Series.






green wall systems 134 series

134 Series

Distance from wall 18 cm.

The size of the spacer 134 Series provides the correct proportions vis-a-vis the area on large façades.

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