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112.18 Series

112.18 Series


Green wall systems 112.18 series

With integrated cable guiding system especially for strong vines. Distance from wall 18 cm.


Advantage of the 112.18 Series integrated cable guiding system: Strong vines can greatly deflect the originally straight cable by wrapping around it and by their subsequent thick growth. This can lead to greater cable tension.

Our Solution: The trellis cables are installed in segments of max. 3 m length. Each section is mounted unilaterally in a fixed position, but the cables can slide against each other. In this way a reserve for tracking is provided per cable segment.

With the aid of its two anchor points and the structurally effective connection plate, the spacer can efficiently absorb the load. The concave curvature of the 5 mm thick base plates ensures optimal support on the wall or, in thermally insulated walls, on the support sleeves.

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