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RootRain Precinct and ArborVent

RootRain Precinct and ArborVent

RootRain Precinct

The RootRain™ Precinct and ArborVent™ kits are for central urban locations requiring a permanent irrigation/aeration solution and heavy duty cast-iron inlet.  The Precinct inlet has a round-shaped top, and the ArborVent inlet has a square-shaped top.

The RootRain Precinct and ArborVent series have been specially designed to interlock with our range of integrated tree grilles. This provides a tamper resistant system that will also prevent the inlet sinking as a result of any soil settlement around the tree.


  • Heavy cast LM6 grade aluminium/bronze inlet withstands high loads
  • Cast aluminium/bronze vent lid permanently attached to inlet by stainless steel fitting
  • Lid lifts and swings to one side for fast irrigation
  • New grilled inlet which twist-locks into Greenleaf’s range of cast iron tree grilles
  • Can be used in conjunction with Arboresin porous bound gravel


Product Specification

ProductDiameter DNo. of InletsCode
RootRain Precinct895mm1RRPREC1
RootRain Precinct1790mm2RRPREC2
RootRain Precinct3580mm4RRPREC4
RootRain Arborvent895mm1RRARBV1
RootRain Arborvent1790mm2RRARBV2
RootRain Arborvent3580mm4RRARBV4
*Note: Product dimensions may change without notice. Please confirm with Citygreen at time of order placement.