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Tree Grille Frames

Tree Grille Frames

Tree Grille FramesFrames are necessary to stabilize grilles and prevent them sagging around trees.  All types of frames are supplied with a high quality galvanised finish. Heavy duty frames will carry tree guards using the adjustable mounting system.

By utilizing this adjustable mounting system, unique to Citygreen and our Greenleaf partner company, support frames can be customized to the particular site requirements.  For example, tree grilles on a slope can be designed to support the grille at an angle and the tree guard vertically. Frames are also available with a large outer ledge to support paving surrounds.


  • Helps to stabilize grille and prevent it sagging around the tree.
  • Allows the grille to be lifted out for easy access to the rootball zone – ie inspection purposes.
  • Permits paving or tiling finish flush up with the frame edge, creating an ideal surface finish.