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Traditional Tree Guards

Traditional Tree Guards

Coniston, Derwent, Ullswater

Traditional Tree Guards

Tree guards designed by CityGreen®, are designed to the highest standards. With many years of experience in the streetscape area, the design experts understand the importance of functionality and aesthetics these guards must have to not only withstand the rigor of public open space but also compliment any streetscape or shopping mall.

In an urban setting, young and newly established trees in particular are vulnerable to damage from bicycles and other equipment, as well as gratuitous vandalism. These well-built tree guards are of sturdy construction and pedestrian-safe design to provide the ideal answer to such problems.

Tree guards can uniformly make a high quality visual design statement on public realm landscape schemes. These guards shown may be fitted to medium or heavy duty frames, or ground fixed when used in parkland. The simple adjusting mechanism allows guards to be easily set on most gradients.

Each guard type is manufactured in a number of standard sizes to fit all grilles. Phone our sales line for prices and availability.

The standard range comprises of four popular styles – the Coniston, the Derwent, the Ullswater, and the Ullswater with Spheres.

Traditional Tree Guards Derwent Traditional Tree Guards Coniston Traditional Tree Guards UllswaterTraditional Tree Guards Ullswater with spheres 

These four guards are the choice for many landscape designers due to their strong, durable construction, fashionable look, and great value for money. They usually come in powder-coated black/dark grey finish or galvanised. They are provided with complete fasters and setup instructions for a quick and easy installation.

Product Specification

Product Code Dimension A Dimension B
GLCON18060 – Coniston 1800mm tall 600mm dia.
GLDER18060 – Derwent 1800mm tall 600mm dia.
GLULL18060 – Ullswater 1800mm tall 600mm dia.
GLULSP18060 – Ullswater with spheres 1800mm tall 600mm dia.
*Note: Product dimensions may change without notice. Please confirm with Citygreen at time of order placement.