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Snorkil Rondo and Plaza

Snorkil Rondo and Plaza

Snorkil ROndo

The newly released Snorkil™ Rondo and Plaza kits are for central urban locations requiring a permanent irrigation/aeration solution and heavy duty cast inlet.  Previously known as the popular RootRain Precinct and ArborVent kits, the Rondo inlet has a round-shaped top, and the Plaza inlet has a square-shaped top.

The Snorkil Rondo and Plaza series have been specially designed to interlock with our range of integrated tree grilles, or be set in pavement to provide an attractive and durable way of maintaining aeration for tree root systems. This provides a tamper resistant system that will also prevent the inlet sinking as a result of any soil settlement around the tree.


  • The die-cast inlet withstands high loads, while preventing trash from entering the aeration system
  • Cast vent lid permanently attached to inlet by stainless steel fitting
  • Lid lifts and swings to one side for fast irrigation, application or soluble nutrients
  • New grilled inlet which locks into Citygreen’s advanced range of tree grates
  • Unique, double-barbed housing allows multiple pipe systems to be attachedSnorkil Plaza

Product Specification

Product Diameter D No. of Inlets Code
Snorkil Rondo Single inlet 895mm 1 SNRO1
Snorkil Rondo Dual inlet 1790mm 2 SNRO2
Snorkil Plaza Single inlet 895mm 1 SNPL1
Snorkil Plaza Dual inlet 1790mm 2 SNPL2
*Note: Product dimensions may change without notice. Please confirm with Citygreen at time of order placement.