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S2 Zip Anchor

S2 Zip Anchor

NEW S2 Zip Anchor -the latest innovation in securing Landscape Fabrics

To complement our comprehensive range of tree anchoring systems, Platipus has developed the simple, cost-effective and reliable S2 Zip Anchor to secure a wide variety of landscaping fabrics.


  • Ideal for weed control, ground covers and grass reinforcement
  • Reliable alternative to traditional pins or pegs meaning less anchors may be required to cover the same area
  • Reduces time and labor costs associated with reinstalling loose pins
  • Easy to assemble and quick to install using simple hand tools
  • Self-locking load plate holds material securely to the ground
  • UV stabilized and highly corrosion resistant
  • Excellent surface erosion solution when used with suitable geotextiles

The S2 Zip anchor can be easily and efficiently installed using lightweight equipment


The Geoclip System is used to secure Geoweb, particularly when installed in difficult locations. This system can be tailored depending on the project and it is possible to use different anchor sizes or adapt it for use on structure.

The system includes stainless steel wire tendon, Geoclip and Wedge Grip for a reliable and long lasting support.