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Invisigrate™ Tree Grate

Invisigrate™ Tree Grate

Paver Support Tree Grate

In situations where presentation is of highest importance, the Invisigrate™ pave-over grille is the answer. Designed by professionals, this invention allows the surrounding pavement to continue right up to the tree trunk. This method eliminates any trip or slip hazards pedestrians often encounter, and gives a clean style to the pavement. All the essential irrigation inlets, uplighters, and check points can still be incorporated into the pavement, with this sub-surface grille.


  • Heavy duty recessed tree grille
  • Allows specifiers to continue their choice of paving over the tree pit area
  • Built-in tree irrigation/ventilation inlets
  • Removable inner section allows for tree growth
  • Robust galvanised construction
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available to comply with regular load specifications


Product Specification

Product Code Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C
GLCA150 – Invisigrate™ Paver Tree Grate 1500mm/60in 1500mm/60in 127.5mm/5in opening
GLCA120 – Invisigrate™ Paver Tree Grate 1200mm/48in 1200mm/48in 127.5mm/5in opening
*Note: Product dimensions may change without notice. Please confirm with Citygreen at time of order placement.