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100 Series

100 Series


Green wall system 100 Series

The 100 Series is for larger spans and trellis heights. Use for medium to heavy climbers or espaliered fruit trees. Distance from wall 9 cm or 18 cm.

Our standard component proven and tested for 20 years: spacer for optimum connection quality, fully welded to the base plate of 5 mm thickness. The concave curved base plate ensures optimum load transfer through its support on the wall or on the support sleeve in case of thermally insulated walls.

Installation advantage

During assembly the spacer can easily be aligned against the wall and pre-tensioned with the nut that is hidden in the spacer. The provided clamp bolt fastens longer cables in major projects, so that all spacers bear the load together.

Distance between spacers should not exceed approx. 3 meters. The bolt-on cable tensioners permit adjustment of cable length on site.

Green wall system 100 Series

Our classic design for ever occasion, with simple assembly and increased stability.

Accessories for the 100 Series

The 100 Series comes with a range of solutions for special designs.


  • 360° rotatable Angle Adapter
  • Cable Connection Disk
  • Connector pins with lug and tube
  • Adapter (for trellis rod 10 mm with corner design)
  • Connectors for cables and rods.
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