stratavault soil cells about to be backfilled with soil

Every soil cell systems and Stratavault installation is tailored to fit the specific site requirements. The cost involved may fluctuate depending on factors such as the site’s features, the amount of trees, the amount of product needed, tree dimensions, stormwater treatment objectives, and additional landscape complexity and design goals.

Generally the largest soil cells cost and most time consuming task is the initial excavation of the soil cell pit. Installation of Stratavault is a quick process as all modules click together easily and you can easily become a certified stratavault installer with our 1-hour training.

The next step involves filling the soil cells with high-quality, uncompacted soil, placing the top plates atop them, covering the cells with geogrid fabric, installing the above infrastructure such as a road or pavement, and finally, installing the tree.

Treepit Costing Calculator

screenshot of our treepit costing calculator

Try our Treepit costing calculator to compare the total cost between structural soil tree plantings and soil cell plantings.

The Treepit calculator establishes the crown projection at maturity, the height at maturity, excavation cost,

Do Soil Cells Grow Larger Trees?

Yes, Trees planted in soil cells like Stratavault and Strataflow grow trees faster and larger because soil cells drastically improve the amount of soil, nutrients, and oxygen available for trees roots to grow in tough urban environments.

Need Proof?

As you can see from the above timelapse. The trees planted in stratavault almost immediately started outperforming the standard planting trees and continued to outperform the standard trees where after 10 years the standard trees only had canopy cover relative to the stratavault trees of 4 years.

So, in a world where urban heat islands and climate change is impacting the lives of every citizen, the faster we can grow tree canopy the faster we grow cooler resilient cities.

Read our comparison article to see the advantages using soil cells has in your streetscape.

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