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Inverell expands town centre...

Inverell expands town centre renewal after Stratavault success

The town of Inverell is nestled in a picturesque valley near the Macintyre River in northern New South Wales. Renowned for its proud pioneering history, beautiful restored buildings, boutique shopping and cultural endeavours, it’s also the centre of the Inverell Shire.

In 2014, Inverell Shire Council adopted an ambitious plan to rejuvenate the town centre. As well as making it more attractive, more functional and more profitable for local businesses, the plan sought to replace the old London Plane Trees that had been inappropriately planted along Otho Street.

Since opening in May 2018, the Otho Street renewal project has been a huge success. So much so that council decided to replicate the project in adjacent Byron Street.

We recently took a trip to Inverell and caught up on-site with Justin Pay, Civil Engineering Manager from Inverell Shire Council. Watch the video to see how the trees are thriving in Otho Street and the implementation of Stratavault in action in Byron Street. As Justin Pay says, “The system is very quick to put in and easy to install. It’s providing a very robust platform for the road foundation to be built on and it’s also providing plenty of room for the trees to grow.”

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