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Co-Funded Tree Pit Trial

Implement and monitor an advanced treepit system with funding, design and installation support

The benefits of trees in urban areas are clear, with councils seeking to create beautiful green urban spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. Citygreen’s structural modules enable trees to thrive by providing enough uncompacted soil and the required space for roots to grow (without damaging surrounding infrastructure). They’re also made from 100% recycled plastic, and offer sought-after Water Sensitive Urban Design – meaning stormwater discharge is slowed (reducing the risk of flooding), pollutants are filtered out, and trees obtain the benefit of rainwater delivered to their root systems. Citygreen supports councils with a demonstrated commitment to green building best practice with its Co-Funded Tree Pit Trial Program.

The Benefits?

The benefits of tree pits are clear, but environmental data and growth figures are subject to significant variation due to geographical influences. Conducting a pilot project in your region enables you to measure growth and environmental data, in the climatic zone of your choice. Multiple pilot projects allow you to compare several variables, before selecting the most successful solution for further implementation. Citygreen covers a significant portion of the cost, as detailed on this form, to enable field testing of latest tree growth and rainwater management systems in your region.

Specifier's Workspace


You’ll get:

  • 2 hours free design consultation including Water Sensitive Urban Design (value: $280)
  • Complete CAD drawings fully dimensioned (value: $450)
  • 2 hours free hydrology modeling (value: $360)
  • A comprehensive report, including:
    • Recommended soil volume based on tree requirements and water harvesting
    • Wilting Days projection for the trial tree compared to a conventionally-planted tree
    • Colour visual of the completed project, with schematics and water flow
    • Arborist’s report
    • Engineer’s report on the structural design
    • Soil Specification by Soil Scientist
  • A 30% discount on the price of the system
  • Complete installation manual
  • 4 hours free assembly and training time on site (value: $960)
  • Educational signage for public education, displaying the system and environmental benefits
  • Full reporting at 1 year and 2 years from installation, approved for publishing

Contact us and a Citygreen consultant will be in touch to discuss your specific site and project details.