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Cast Iron Tree Grates

Cast Iron Tree Grates

The majority of our traditional tree grilles are manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron, with the most fashionable styles being the Tay and the Avon.

Cast Iron Tree Grates_Tay

These grilles are designed to withstand the rigors of streetscape thorough fare, and can be upgraded to withstand high traffic loads by incorporating a heavy duty support frame. A deep watering aperture is included in the standard design, however this can be omitted if desired.

CityGreen® vertical tree guards may be mounted securely into the central circle of both the Tay and the Avon. The benefit of this design is that there is no need to cast extra mounting points for tree guards, and the tree root system is protected.

The standard paint finish is matt black. This high quality finish is an extremely durable two-pack epoxy paint. Any colour from the RAL range is available as an option. For extra protection on mild steel products zinc galvanising is standard, followed by a high quality coating to any RAL colour. These grilles are provided complete with support frame and fasteners. Contact our friendly staff for assistance with prices and availability.

Cast Iron Tree Grates_Avon

Product Specification & Code

Product CodeDimension ADimension BDimension C
GLTAY120 – Tay1200mm1200mm600mm dia. opening
GLAVON120 – Avon1200mm1200mm600mm dia. opening