Tree Guying ArborGuy

Arborguy has many advantages over tree staking and is suitable for large root-balled trees. The Rootball is held in position by driving three anchors into the base of the tree pit and then fastening a rachet strap. If required, the system can be re-tensioned at a later date.

Our patented design provides fast, easy installation without risk of damage to the root ball. Once installed, each one of the three Arborguy ground anchors can withstand up to 1340 kilos of upward force.


  • A guying system to fully complement Citygreen tree packages.
  • Designed for trees in the urban environment.
  • An effective and out of sight method in preference to tree staking.
  • Strapping will not cut the rootball – no mats or timber required.
  • Anchors are available in both plastic and metal options.





Arborguy Anchor Soil Anchor Installer Arborguy in Use