Citygreen / Case StudiesCase Study – Macquarie Mall Redevelopment

Case Study – Macquarie Mall Redevelopment

Case Study – Macquarie Mall Redevelopment

Citygreen’s innovative Stratavault system has been captured in action at the newly-upgraded Macquarie Mall. With the objective of providing a good, healthy tree canopy for visitors to enjoy, Stratavault was selected for its cutting-edge water harvesting abilities – giving trees both the water and uncompacted soil they need to thrive in a hardscaped, urban environment. Mark Wilson of Liverpool Council, Mark Kuhne – Design Director at Urbis, and Citygreen Founder – Ben Gooden, give you a behind-the-scenes look and share their thoughts on this exciting new project.

Macquarie Mall Redevelopment [CASE STUDY] from Citygreen on Vimeo.

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